What a Successful Cooktop Replacement and Installation Looks Like in Oakleigh, Victoria

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If you’ve ever wondered what goes into a seamless kitchen upgrade, stick around as we share our recent experience and insights.

The First Visit – Inspection and Assessment

Our journey began with a visit to a client’s home for repairs to their cooktop, rangehood, and oven. While the rangehood was in good working order, the cooktop and oven had seen better days. 

The Problem

The cooktop had a faulty ignition harness and leads, with replacement parts no longer available, necessitating a new unit. Meanwhile, the oven had suffered heavy water damage, also requiring a replacement. Additionally, gas repiping work was needed to accommodate the new appliances.

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Replacement and Installation conducted on March 2024 in Oakleigh, Victoria

How We Perform Cooktop Assessments

Before diving into a cooktop and oven replacement or installation, our process starts with a thorough assessment to understand the client’s needs and the condition of their existing appliances. Here’s a glimpse into how we approach cooktop assessments:

On-Site Inspection: We begin by visiting the client’s property to inspect their current cooktop, oven, and rangehood. During this on-site inspection, we carefully examine the functionality of each appliance, noting any issues such as faulty components, damage, or compatibility concerns.

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Replacement and Installation conducted on March 2024 in Oakleigh, Victoria

Diagnostic Testing: Our team performs diagnostic tests to identify specific problems with the cooktop, such as ignition issues, faulty wiring, or gas supply irregularities. We also check for any safety hazards or compliance issues that need to be addressed.

Consultation and Recommendations: Based on our findings, we engage in a detailed consultation with the client. We discuss the assessment results, explain any necessary repairs or replacements, and provide recommendations for the most suitable cooktop models, taking into account factors like size, fuel type (gas or electric), and features.

Customised Solutions: Every kitchen is unique, so we tailor our solutions to fit the client’s space and preferences. If a cooktop replacement is required, we discuss options for integrating it seamlessly into the kitchen layout, addressing any plumbing or gas line adjustments needed for proper installation. Further consideration needs to be taken for cooktop for overhead clearance requirements like the below.

cooktop clearance measurement laser measuring tool

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Replacement and Installation conducted on March 2024 in Oakleigh, Victoria

Transparent Cost Estimation: We believe in transparency, so we provide a clear cost estimation for the assessment, repairs, replacements, and installation services. This ensures that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of the project scope and associated expenses.

Execution with Expertise: Once the assessment and consultation phases are complete and the client approves the proposed solutions, we proceed with the execution phase. Our experienced technicians handle the replacement or installation process with precision, adhering to safety standards and ensuring a high-quality finish.

By following these steps in our cooktop assessments, we ensure that our clients receive personalised, efficient, and reliable service from start to finish. Our goal is to make the upgrade or replacement process as smooth and stress-free as possible, leaving our clients satisfied with their newly improved kitchen setup.

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