Replacing a Faulty Cooktop in Pascoe Vale

technika cooktop replacement

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Replacement conduced on April 2024 in Pascoe Vale, Victoria

The Appliance Fixer team recently conducted a cooktop replacement for a Technika cooktop. The Technika cooktop model H950STBGPRO is a gas cooktop designed for residential use. It features four burners and is known for its efficient cooking performance and durable build.

Although the tenant was content with this workaround, for complete functionality and safety, the recommended course of action would be to replace the entire gas valve assembly, which would restore the auto-ignition feature to the front left burner. If parts are not available or if the repair is deemed uneconomical, replacing the entire cooktop becomes necessary.

Diagnosis and Repair

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Replacement conduced on April 2024 in Pascoe Vale, Victoria

The original fault with the cooktop was related to the front left burner’s auto-ignition system. The burner did not stay lit, and the auto-ignition feature was not functioning properly. Upon inspection, it was found that the ignition microswitch for the front left burner had melted, causing the auto-ignition issue.

Identifying the fault with the front left burner:

The initial diagnosis pinpointed the front left burner as the source of the issue. Specifically, the auto-ignition system was not functioning correctly, leading to difficulties in lighting and sustaining the flame.

Fixing the seized gas tap and ensuring burner stays lit:

A critical step in the repair process involved addressing the seized gas tap associated with the front left burner. By resolving this issue, the burner was able to stay lit, ensuring a continuous and reliable flame during cooking operations.

Explanation of the melted ignition microswitch and its impact:

Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the ignition microswitch for the front left burner had melted. This malfunction prevented the auto-ignition feature from operating as intended, necessitating manual intervention to ignite the burner. This component failure highlights the importance of regular maintenance and prompt repairs to avoid more significant issues with kitchen appliances.

How we fixed the issue:

To resolve the issue, the gas tap was fixed as it had seized, allowing the burner to stay lit. However, the auto-ignition still required the microswitch to be replaced. Since the parts were not readily available, an alternative solution was provided to the tenant. They were shown how to manually ignite the front left burner using another control knob that sparks.

Replacement Considerations

To restore the auto-ignition functionality to the front left burner, replacing the entire gas valve assembly is recommended. This comprehensive approach ensures that the cooktop operates safely and efficiently, providing convenience to the user.

Challenges when specific parts are not available:

One of the challenges encountered during repairs is the unavailability of specific parts, such as the ignition microswitch in this case. When essential components are not accessible for replacement, alternative solutions or temporary fixes may be implemented, but these may not offer a permanent resolution.

When faced with situations where critical parts are unavailable or if the repair costs outweigh the benefits, the decision to replace the entire cooktop becomes necessary. Factors such as the age of the appliance, overall condition, and long-term reliability are taken into account to determine the most cost-effective and practical solution for the homeowner or tenant.

Cooktop Replacement Process

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Replacement conduced on April 2024 in Pascoe Vale, Victoria

When replacing a faulty cooktop, it’s ideal to order a new one of the same size and model, such as the Technika cooktop H950STBGPRO in this case. This ensures compatibility with existing kitchen configurations and minimizes installation complications.

Ensuring compatibility and proper installation:

Before the cooktop installation, verify that the new cooktop is compatible with the existing gas connections and electrical requirements. Follow manufacturer guidelines and seek professional assistance if needed to ensure proper installation, including securing gas connections and electrical wiring according to safety standards.

Testing and verification of functionality:

After installation, perform thorough testing to verify the functionality of all burners, including auto-ignition if applicable. Test each burner individually to ensure they ignite properly, adjust flame settings as needed, and confirm that safety features such as flame failure detection are operational. Conduct a final inspection to ensure the cooktop is functioning correctly before handing it over for regular use.

Processing and Submitting Compliance Certificate with the VBA

After successfully installing the new cooktop and ensuring its functionality, the next step involved processing and submitting the compliance certificate with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). This certification is crucial to demonstrate that the replacement cooktop meets all regulatory standards and safety requirements.


Throughout the process of diagnosing and repairing the faulty cooktop, several key steps were taken to address the issues with the front left burner’s auto-ignition system. Despite challenges such as parts unavailability, a successful solution was reached through careful assessment and alternative measures.

Effective communication with tenants played a crucial role in resolving the cooktop issue. By understanding their needs and preferences, suitable solutions were provided, ensuring their convenience and satisfaction with the temporary workaround until a permanent fix or replacement could be implemented.

Confirming that the cooktop functions as expected and meeting safety standards brings peace of mind to both the property owner and the tenants, fostering a positive relationship and a well-functioning kitchen appliance.

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