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Elevate Your Plumbing with Braeside Plumbing Services! Discover Dependable Solutions from Repairs to Installations. Rely on Quality and Effectiveness – Upgrade Braeside with Our Outstanding Plumbing Services!

Maintenance Plumbing

Our plumbing maintenance services are performed by VBA licensed plumbers and technicians.

Blocked Drain

We remove blockages in kitchen sinks, bathrooms, and outdoor drains. Trust us to clear the way for you.

Gas Safety Inspections

Stay compliant with our comprehensive gas safety check, where we inspect gas lines and gas appliances.

Hot Water Services

Get just the right heating with our hot water repairs and installations. Worry less about whether or not you'll have hot water the next time you shower.

Dripping Taps

No more annoying drips in the middle of the night or when you want peace and quiet. Save on water when you get your dripping taps fixed.

Gas Leaks

Keep your family safe from the silent danger of gas leaks. Get your gas pipes checked and repaired immediately.

Burst Pipes

Water and gas not working? A burst pipe can be your worst nightmare. Our team will deploy immediately to fix the problem.

Gas Ducted Heating

It's a huge pain when your internal heating system breaks down. Appliance Fixer goes in to fix any issues in your gas ducted heater asap.

Gas Space heaters

Our technicians are experienced in dealing with broken gas space heaters every day. We fix your heaters immediately so you can get back to your day.

Gas Wall Furnaces

Gas wall furnaces are a bit more complicated, but nothing is complex for our licensed gas technicians. Work with us today to fix your wall heating system.

Gas Cooktops

Keep your kitchen and home safe by ensuring your cooktops are in working order. The best technicians repair, install and inspect your cooktops.

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Explore seamless Braeside Electrical Services in Melbourne, a suburb known for its industrial and commercial areas, including the iconic Braeside Park. Our dedicated electrical service team is committed to enhancing your convenience and ensuring the smooth functioning of your home in Braeside. When electrical issues arise, our skilled technicians respond promptly, ensuring optimal performance. Whether you need repairs or new installations, trust us for hassle-free Braeside Electrical Services in this dynamic part of Melbourne.

We fix water and drainage pipes that...

We gas pipes that...

We fix and install...

We fix and install gas appliances like...

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Mark M
Mark M
Super impressed with quality of work and product knowledge. Ben came to repair a Blanco oven door and completed the job perfectly. Highly recommend Oven Fixer for appliance repairs.
Lyndall Hutchins
Lyndall Hutchins
Can’t speak more highly about the service I received. Ben was friendly, on time, knew what he was doing and fixed the problem.
Rose Ambrogio
Rose Ambrogio
Michael arrived on time and was able to quickly fix the ignition switches on my gas cooker without a problem. So happy that they're working again! I have his number on speed-dial in case I need him again. There are very few technicians who can service a gas Lofra stove now as the company has closed down. Thanks Michael!
Ian Walker
Ian Walker
Friendly, knowledgeable, quick and efficient. I highly recommend this company.
Alex Mees
Alex Mees
Bianca Coates
Bianca Coates
Dan Flynn
Dan Flynn
Friendly and efficient, highly recommended!
Spiro Nikoloudis
Spiro Nikoloudis
Luke and Michael are brilliant to work with. Very professional and great quality work. I would highly recommend their services. They offer competitive prices and are willing to go that extra step. Would definitely use them again
Aditi Gunturu
Aditi Gunturu
Moved into a new place, and was having oven issues. Called Michael, he was prompt, very honest and and assisted in fixing it within no time. I would highly recommend his service and would happily use it again.
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