Our Recent Plumbing Project and Cooktop Installation in North Melbourne 

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Installation conducted on April 2024 in North Melbourne, Victoria

The Brief: Project Overview

In response to our client’s specific requirements, our recent plumbing project in North Melbourne encompassed a variety of tasks aimed at enhancing their home’s functionality and addressing existing issues. The primary objectives outlined in the brief were:

  • Install Customer-Supplied Gas Cooktop
  • Disconnect Dishwasher
  • Check Toilet and Address Any Issues

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how we tackled each aspect of the brief:

  • Gas Cooktop Installation:

We successfully installed the customer-supplied Smeg cooktop, ensuring compatibility, safety, and optimal performance as per industry standards.

Additionally, we supplied and installed a new gas isolation valve and hose assembly, enhancing safety features for reliable gas supply to the cooktop.

Our team expertly modified the pipework to seamlessly integrate the new cooktop with the existing gas supply, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

  • Dishwasher Disconnection:

Despite encountering a challenging nut position during disconnection, we managed to safely disconnect the dishwasher without causing any damage. The appliance was left on-site for further handling as per the client’s preference.

  • Toilet Inspection and Repair:

We investigated and identified the issue of the toilet constantly filling, pinpointing a malfunctioning inlet valve as the cause.

While we recommended replacing the faulty inlet valve, the client opted to handle this task themselves. We provided guidance to ensure a successful repair process without the need for professional intervention.

In addition to these primary tasks, our comprehensive approach led us to address secondary issues such as a slow-draining basin in the ensuite and damage caused by a leaking shower recess. We promptly resolved these issues, ensuring optimal functionality and preventing further damage.

For the leaking shower recess, we recommended engaging a specialist to conduct further investigations and repairs, highlighting our commitment to thorough problem-solving and customer satisfaction.

The project was carried out efficiently to meet the client’s needs and ensure a seamless cooking and plumbing experience in their home. Below, we discuss how we performed each step and successfully finished the job for our client in North Melbourne.

Gas Cooktop Installation

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Installation conducted on April 2024 in North Melbourne, Victoria

Details of Installation

The gas cooktop installation involved a meticulous process to ensure safe and efficient operation. Our team carefully followed industry standards and guidelines throughout the installation to guarantee optimal performance and safety.

Customer-supplied Cooktop

We installed a customer-supplied Smeg cooktop as part of this project. Working with customer-provided equipment requires attention to detail to ensure compatibility and proper installation, which our team executed with precision.

New Gas Isolation Valve and Hose Assembly

As part of the installation, we supplied and installed a new gas isolation valve and hose assembly. These components play a critical role in the safe and reliable operation of the gas cooktop, providing enhanced safety features for the customer’s peace of mind.

Modified Pipework

To accommodate the new cooktop and ensure seamless integration with the existing gas supply, we modified the pipework accordingly. Our experienced technicians handled this task efficiently, ensuring that the modifications were done with precision and in compliance with industry standards.

Dishwasher Disconnection

Reference: Appliance Fixer Dishwasher Disconnection conducted on April 2024 in North Melbourne, Victoria

Nut Position Issue

During the dishwasher disconnection process, we encountered a nut in an inconvenient position, which required special attention to safely disconnect the appliance. Our technicians have the expertise to handle such challenges effectively, ensuring smooth disconnection without causing any damage.

Disconnection Details

Reference: Appliance Fixer Dishwasher Disconnection conducted on April 2024 in North Melbourne, Victoria

The disconnection of the dishwasher was carried out meticulously, following established procedures to avoid any mishaps or damage. Our team prioritizes safety and precision in every task, ensuring that appliances are disconnected correctly and ready for any further maintenance or replacement as needed.

Toilet Check and Repair

During our inspection, we identified and addressed several issues related to the toilet system to ensure proper functionality and prevent potential problems.

Reference: Appliance Fixer Toilet Repair conducted on April 2024 in North Melbourne, Victoria

Issue Identified: Constant Filling

One of the issues we identified was the toilet constantly filling, indicating a malfunctioning inlet valve. This issue can lead to water wastage and potential damage if not addressed promptly.

Inlet Valve Replacement

To resolve the constant filling issue, we recommended replacing the faulty inlet valve. Although the customer opted to handle the replacement themselves, we provided guidance and assurance regarding the process to ensure a successful repair without the need for further professional intervention.

Ensuite Basin Drainage Issue

Reference: Appliance Fixer Plumbing Maintenance conducted on April 2024 in North Melbourne, Victoria

Investigation and Findings

Upon investigation of the reported slow draining basin in the ensuite, we discovered that the drain was partially blocked with a buildup of hair and toothpaste residue. This blockage was impeding proper drainage and needed immediate attention to restore functionality.

Debris Clearance and Drain Flushing

Our team promptly cleared out the debris causing the blockage and flushed the drain with hot water to remove any remaining residue. This thorough cleaning process ensured that the drain was free-flowing again, resolving the slow drainage issue effectively.

Drainage Restoration

After clearing the debris and flushing the drain, we restored proper drainage in the ensuite basin. Our goal is always to leave our clients with fully functional plumbing systems, and in this case, we successfully restored optimal drainage to enhance the user experience in the ensuite area.

Shower Recess Leak Investigation

Initial Damage Discovery

During our inspection, we initially discovered damage to the timber floors next to the main toilet, indicating a potential water leak issue originating from the shower recess area.

Further Investigation Findings

Upon further investigation, we found additional damage to the timber floors in the ensuite next to the shower. This confirmed our suspicion of a leaking shower recess causing damage to the surrounding floors.

Recommendation for Engagement of Shower Screen Specialist

Based on our findings, we recommended that the customer engage a shower screen specialist to further investigate and repair the leaking shower recess. This specialist will have the expertise and tools necessary to identify the source of the leak accurately and implement the appropriate repairs to prevent further damage.

On-site Time and Materials Used

Our team dedicated a total of 2 hours on-site to complete the required tasks efficiently and ensure the quality of our workmanship.

Materials Used:

1. 300mm 15mm Copper Pipe: Used for modifying pipework to suit the installation requirements of the gas cooktop.

2. Gas Press Socket: Utilized in the installation process to connect and secure gas pipes effectively.

3. Gas Isolation Valve: Installed to provide a safety mechanism for controlling the gas supply to the cooktop.

4. Gas Flexi (1.2m): Used as a flexible connection between the gas supply and the cooktop, allowing for ease of installation and movement.

Final Checks and Cleanup

After completing the installation of the gas cooktop and disconnecting the dishwasher, our team conducted thorough final checks and cleanup to ensure a seamless and tidy finish to the project.

Cooktop Installation:

We performed a series of final checks to verify the proper installation of the customer-supplied Smeg gas cooktop. This included testing the functionality of the burners, ensuring proper gas flow and ignition, and checking for any gas leaks using industry-standard procedures. 

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Installation conducted on April 2024 in North Melbourne, Victoria

Reference: Appliance Fixer Cooktop Installation conducted on April 2024 in North Melbourne, Victoria

Once satisfied with the installation’s safety and performance, we proceeded to clean the cooktop and surrounding area to remove any installation residues.

Dishwasher Disconnection:

Following the disconnection of the dishwasher, we conducted final checks to ensure that the appliance was safely disconnected from the plumbing and electrical systems. We verified that there were no leaks or residual water in the disconnected lines, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Issuing VBA Safety Certificate:

As part of our commitment to safety and compliance, we provide a VBA (Victorian Building Authority) safety certificate upon completion of our plumbing projects. This certificate serves as confirmation that the plumbing work meets the necessary regulatory standards and has been conducted by licensed professionals. It provides peace of mind to our customers regarding the safety and quality of the plumbing installations and repairs performed by our team.

By conducting final checks and providing a VBA safety certificate, we ensure that our work meets not only our high standards but also regulatory requirements, delivering a comprehensive and satisfactory experience for our customers.


The outcome of the project was successful in addressing the customer’s plumbing needs and ensuring the proper installation of the gas cooktop. The completed tasks, including the installation of the customer-supplied Smeg cooktop, the addition of a new gas isolation valve and hose assembly, and modifications to the pipework, were executed efficiently within the allocated time frame.

Additionally, the investigation and resolution of issues such as slow drainage in the ensuite basin and the identification of a leaking shower recess highlight our thorough approach to problem-solving. While we provided recommendations for further repairs and maintenance, the completion of our tasks reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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