Braemar Ducted Heater Installation in Ormond, VIC

Reference: Appliance Fixer Ducted Heater Installation in Ormond, VIC

Ducted heater installation is a crucial job, especially as we approach colder months. Recently, we completed a ducted heater installation that showcased not only technical skills but also a bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Here’s a detailed look at how the job was done.

Installing a Braemar ducted heater is a task that requires precision, planning, and a bit of creativity. Recently, we completed an installation that highlighted our ability to adapt and innovate on the job. Here’s a step-by-step account of how we did it.

Why a Ducted Heater is Ideal in Melbourne, Victoria

Consistent Climate Control

Melbourne’s weather is famously unpredictable, with temperatures that can fluctuate dramatically within a single day. A ducted heating system offers consistent and efficient climate control throughout your home. With a central thermostat, you can maintain a comfortable temperature in every room, ensuring warmth even during sudden cold snaps.

Energy Efficiency

Ducted heaters are known for their energy efficiency, particularly when compared to other heating options. Modern systems are designed to use energy more effectively, reducing waste and lowering utility bills. In Melbourne, where winters can be chilly and long, an efficient heating system can make a significant difference in household energy consumption.

Whole-Home Heating

One of the main advantages of a ducted heater is its ability to heat the entire house uniformly. Unlike space heaters or split systems that only warm specific areas, ducted heating provides comprehensive coverage. This feature is particularly beneficial in Melbourne’s larger homes, where consistent heating is essential for comfort.

Installation Process for a Braemar Ducted Heater

Reference: Appliance Fixer Ducted Heater Installation in Ormond, VIC

  1. Cutting and Reusing the Old Heater Door

One of the challenges in this project was to create a flashing for the base box. Instead of purchasing new flashings, we repurposed the door from the old heater. Cutting the door to fit perfectly saved money and ensured the colours matched seamlessly with the existing setup.

Reference: Appliance Fixer Ducted Heater Installation in Ormond, VIC

  1. Utilizing 20mm Benders

To reduce costs further, we used 20mm benders. This decision helped save on press fittings and other related expenses. The benders allowed for precise and efficient manipulation of the piping, maintaining the integrity and functionality of the system.

  1. Securing the Old Heater to the Base Box

The old heater was securely siliconed to the base box. This step ensured a tight seal and stable installation, preventing any future issues related to air leakage or misalignment.

Reference: Appliance Fixer Ducted Heater Installation in Ormond, VIC

  1. Upgrading the Return Air Grate

Another significant improvement was the upgrade of the return air grate size. This upgrade enhances the system’s efficiency by allowing better airflow and ensuring the heater operates optimally.

Reference: Appliance Fixer Ducted Heater Installation in Ormond, VIC

  1. Installing a New Thermostat

A new thermostat was installed to provide better temperature control and energy efficiency. Modern thermostats offer advanced features, making it easier for tenants to manage their heating system effectively.

Reference: Appliance Fixer Ducted Heater Installation in Ormond, VIC

  1. Modifying the Gas Pipework

The gas pipework required modifications to fit the new heater setup. This step was crucial for safety and functionality, ensuring the gas supply was correctly and securely connected.

Reference: Appliance Fixer Ducted Heater Installation in Ormond, VIC

  1. Cleaning Up

After the installation, the area was vacuumed thoroughly, especially around the return air mess. The tenant was particularly impressed with this aspect as her house is immaculately clean, and maintaining this standard was important to her.

Issuing the VBA Compliance Certificate

After the installation, we issued a VBA (Victorian Building Authority) compliance certificate. This certificate ensures that all work complies with relevant standards and regulations. It provides the tenant with peace of mind, knowing that the installation meets all necessary safety and quality standards.


The ducted heater installation was a great success. Through resourceful use of materials, careful attention to detail, and a commitment to cleanliness, the result was excellent. The tenant was delighted with the work, and the new system promises to deliver reliable heating for many years to come.

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