Appliance Replacement Checklist 

Appliance Replacements (like ovens and cooktops) can be a daunting task without the correct information.

There are many considerations for installations that need to be taken into account in a specific sequence to ensure both compliance and that the appliances fit.

As a result, we like many companies require the below information to quote new appliances accurately. 

In the absence of this, there is oftentimes an on-site quote fee.

  1. The model number/s of the existing unit/s
  2. The model number’s of the proposed units
  3. Cavity dimensions 
  4. Clearance measurements and materials 
  5. A photo of each appliance 
  6. A photo of the entire kitchen area
  7. A photo of your switchboard 
  8. A photo of the electrical and plumbing connections and associated parts 

As you can see, there are a lot of things that need to be checked and considered to ensure appliances fit and oven installations are compliant. 

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